As Yedas Engineering, Construction and Foreign Trade Company we have been conducting business and serving our customers for twenty years in international arena and in domestic market in Turkey. We especially signed vast projects in Iraqi Market. By gaining the confidence of those companies and organizations that we are in the service of, we worked our way represented by an increasing line in our success graphic in every project that we have taken responsibility.

YEDAS Management is energetic, determined, personable, a team player, with excellent interpersonal, engineering, and business management skills. We are organized, timely, people-oriented, precise, work ethics, motivated, hard working, sincere, and fluent in many languages.

"Honest Work” and "Work Comes First" are the main foundations underneath of achievement of our company.

While planning ahead in business, we are adding up our experience to our technical knowledge and cultural accumulation for a better future. Our strategy is focusing on the job that we take, and employing all of our resources into the direction of completion, always and under every condition.

We hope to reach the most beautiful tomorrows with you, in teamwork.

Respectfully Yours,
Yedas Company

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